What do you mean by eco-friendly products?
Our mission is to use natural, organic, and recycled materials as often as possible so that we can collectively reduce our carbon footprint.

How do you give back?
We work with suppliers that provide disenfranchised individuals employment opportunities. We annually donate a portion of our profits to Animals Aid Unlimited. It is very important for us to build a brand that is rooted in positive global impact.

Do you offer wholesale or customs designs?
Absolutely! We just need enough lead time and we can do both. Email us at support@papyraarts.com if you want to talk more. Also, navigate to our wholesale and custom order page for more information.

Why do some of the journals have blemishes?
Since we use repurposed leather, it often has natural faults and lines that are preserved when it goes into the production process.

How do I care for my leather journal/products?

Here are some steps to follow:

  • Keep leather items out of the sun. The sun will dry the leather out and cause it to become brittle.
  • Don’t store your leather products in plastic bags
  • Don’t leave your items in a humid or wet basement – this could promote the growth of mildew.
  • If the journal cover needs to be cleaned, try to brush your leather down with a damp cloth and let it sit in room temperature to dry.
  • Before using any leather cleaning products, TEST a small patch first and see how the leather reacts to it.