About Papyra Arts

Papyra Arts came into existence as a result of incessant efforts of a designer to incorporate the vital elements pertaining to sustainability into designer products. Located in the beautiful pink city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, the company was established couple of years ago which embodies passion for handmade paper being conceptualized and transformed into products of value. With a view to contribute to the society, our manufacturing is primarily is based on using recyclable material making us committed to providing eco-friendly goods. Each item manufactured at our place is a reflection of our enthusiasm towards our work. We constantly strive to understand the requirements of our clients and deliver products to fulfill their expectations. Our creativity & innovation in terms of the product variety are aimed towards providing unique gifting and packaging solutions.

What we do -

We are into manufacturing of Handmade Paper products, stationary and packaging for Corporate Gifting, Souvenirs Gifting, wedding industry etc.

A brief on Handmade paper - Handmade paper as the name suggests is an outcome of a process which encapsulates the dexterity of hands. Its not only a piece of paper, instead is a piece of art which makes it stand out form the range of other rife papers. Enriched with the quality of getting modified into numerous other forms, styles and texture, the paper aptly conforms to the concept of environment friendly. With a view to preserve the demolition of tress which happens to be the main raw material for making paper, handmade paper is produced with the help of recycled paper and fabric waste. An amalgamation of paper with cloth makes it robust in nature.

    Handmade paper has following qualities:-

  • >It is not made from trees, we save upto 4 tonne of trees to make 1 tonne of paper.
  • >It is made from waste, which means we recycle the waste and also save the landfills from getting filled.
  • >It is made completely by hand, which gives more employment to artisans.
  • >It can be made into lot of products.
  • >It has immense strength as compared to the mill made paper.
  • >It can be customised into lot of different textures, forms and designs which gives handmade paper its uniqueness.
  • >It is eco- friendly, handmade, recyclable and bio degradable.